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Programme Description

Suitable for: 2-13 years old

1.5 hours / session

With more than 16 years of teaching experience, we believe that children learn best when they are having fun; therefore, providing fun-filled learning to young learners has been our mission throughout the years. In 2015, we developed a special interview preparation program which involves playing, exploring, creating and critical thinking. The course was proven to be extremely successful as 100% of our students have been accepted into their schools of choice. The schools include Harrow International School Hong Kong, SOKA, Kingston and Yew Chung.


適合2-13 歲


憑藉超過16年的教學經驗,我們一直相信最有效的教學模式是讓孩子們從快樂中享受學習。我們非常了解父母對孩子們入讀最好的學校的期望,但同時亦希望他們不會承受太大的壓力及失去快樂的童年。因此,培英樹的資深老師於2015年為黃金海岸的孩子們設計了一個充滿樂趣的英語面試準備課程。 此課程獲得非常重大成功。 報讀課程的學生100% 獲取第一選擇的學校取錄。當中包括香港哈羅國際學校ˎ 香港創價幼稚園ˎ 京斯敦國際學校和耀中國際學校等香港知名學府。

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