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Programme Description

Suitable for: 3 - 6 years old

1.5 hours / session

This programme is inspired by the U.K. Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The programme revolves around 3 main areas, communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. Our experienced English teacher will support and guide the children towards self-discovery and personal development in an immersive English environment. With a maximum of 8 students in each class, our teachers will be able to spend valuable time with each student, while also allowing them to interact with others and express individually and personal preference.


適合 2.5 - 4 歲


我們的課程均由英國 Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYSF) 所啟發,主要圍繞著三方面:溝通和語言、身體發育、個人社交和情感發展。此課程使用英語去探索讀寫、算術、身邊的世界和創意表達。課程中的活動是專為進一步推動孩子的好奇心和學習熱情而設計,同時能夠讓孩子在一個充滿鼓勵的環境下表達自己。我們經驗豐富的英語教師將會在全英語環境下不斷支持和帶領孩子們走向自我發現和個人發展的道路。由於我們實行小班教學,每班學生人數不多於8位孩子,因此教師能為每一位孩子獻上充足的時間並了解他們的需要和特性,同時也讓孩子間互動並彰顯其獨特個性和個人喜好。

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