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Programme Description


Suitable for: 4+ years old

1.5 hours / session

適合 4+ 歲


Phonics Fun has been one of our most popular programmes throughout the years. It has been taught in more than 50 schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong. It helps students to develop their awareness of letter / sound relationships, phonics word building and decoding skills. We use stories, songs, rhymes and games to help improve students’ pronunciation skills reading and spelling. Students learn native pro-nunciation to strengthen their self confidence in using English, hence quickening their ability to self-learn.

英語拼音班是我們公司開業以來最受歡迎的課程之一。 此課程由我們的外籍老師教授並曾於全港超過50間的學校及幼稚園內教授。 拼音班幫助孩子們意識到英文字母與發音的關係, 使他們學會如何用字母發音來朗讀和寫出單詞, 建立拼音字庫及英語解碼能力, 為孩子們閱讀和寫作打下全面基礎˳ 我們透過講故事 ˎ 唱歌 ˎ 韻律詩及遊戲等有趣及有效的方法去發展孩子們的閱讀 ˎ拼字及發音技巧˳ 學生們能夠有效地學習地道英語發音, 使閱讀更流暢,幫助孩子在學校中應對自如,加強運用英語的自信從而培養孩子們的自學能力。

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