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Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

Are you interested in teaching young learners in Hong Kong?


Language Tree's teachers are from all over the world, the USA, the UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Canada etc.  They come to us with a range of experience and various occupational backgrounds.  We have teachers that have experience as teachers, chefs, musicians, enginieers, police, and bankers etc.  They all share one common principal, a passion for teaching.  


Language Tree believe that the most fundamental element of a good teacher is not his or her educational backgrounds or teaching experience; it is their passion for teaching.  


Every year we recruit a number of teachers who have little teaching experience but have a strong passion for teaching. We provide them with regular training workshops and feedback sessions to improve their teaching skills.  Lessons observations also conducted throughout the term to ensure we can support them when any challenges they come across while at school.  



我們認為,一個好老師的最基本元素並不是他或她的教育背景或教學經驗; 而是他們對於教學的熱誠。



The Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) 

As a responsible establishment, the protection of children is always our first priorty, therefore we require all of our members of staff (both teaching and admin) to conduct The Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) with the Hong Kong Police Force before they start work.

作為一個負責任的教育者,保護兒童一直是我們的首要。 因此,我們要求我們所有的員工(包括教學和行政) 在工作開始前與香港警務處進行性罪行定罪紀錄查核(SCRC)。確保我們的學生能夠愉快地在安全環境中學習。

Some of our teachers' comments

Ms. Ruby

Hong Kong

"Witnessing children progress gives me a very rewarding feeling as we teachers are able to provide a fun-filled learning environment."  

Ms. Alex

South Africa

"I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching at Langauge Tree as I go to see the students learn and grow.  I look forward to welcoming new students in the year ahead." 

Ms. Jan


"I approached Language Tree about teaching in Hong Kong kindergartens after taking a break from my secondary teaching career in Australia. Language Tree were flexible and supportive in establishing me amongst local kindergartens and helped develop my knowledge of early childhood education."

Mr. Joel

The U.S.A.

“Working with Language Tree has been - personally and professionally -wonderfully satisfying, rewarding and fun too! Language Tree provide a wide variety of teaching resources i.e. teacher packs, big books, props, flashcards, etc...The experienced, available, and positive staff provide support with everything from creative ideas to planning to classroom management. I am really grateful for the opportunity to motivate and teach children English - and have fun while doing it.”

Ms. Stephanie


"I am proud to have worked for Language Tree and I appreciate the time and patience the company has shown towards me.  I have learnt a lot during my time with the kindergartens, teaching is truly a satisfying and worthwhile profession."

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