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Language Tree


Established in 1999, Language Tree International Education Limited has emerged as one of the largest providers of Native English Teacher (NET) services in Hong Kong. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, we have been delivering top-quality educational services to kindergartens, primary schools, and prominent educational organizations across the region. Our comprehensive range of offerings encompasses curriculum development and enhancement, local teacher training, extra-curricular activity courses, NET Services, and consultancy services. To date, we have collaborated with over 630 schools, imparting immersive English instruction to a staggering 550,000 Hong Kong students.


Our Happy Students

Palm Trees

Our Value
Inspired by fun-filled learning

Our teaching philosophy and approach are deeply rooted in the UK Early Years and Foundation stage framework, which emphasizes effective learning through play, exploration, creativity, critical thinking, and active engagement in the learning process. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching and learning ensures that each child's English language proficiency is supported and enhanced. We firmly believe that age and language proficiency should not limit the joy of learning. At Language Tree, we prioritize the importance of fun and enjoyment in the learning process. We go beyond simply facilitating English language acquisition, as we strive to instill a love for learning in children. Our ultimate goal is to inspire lifelong learners who will continue to grow and thrive throughout their life journey.

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