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Native English Teacher

0.5 - 5 days per week NET service

For over two decades, we have provided our esteemed NET (Native English Teacher) Service to more than 630 schools since 1999.


Our consultants work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals. Whether it's enhancing creative writing or promoting reading proficiency, our experienced team supports you in achieving educational success. We offer comprehensive teaching support, including planning assistance, curated materials, and ongoing professional development. Our management service covers visa application, MPF, and sick leave provisions, ensuring a seamless support system for teachers and students.


Course Development & Enhancement

For numerous years, we have actively engaged in the development of school-based curricula in collaboration with primary schools and kindergartens throughout Hong Kong. Our approach integrates international teaching methodologies, ensuring a comprehensive and effective educational experience. Within our curricula, we incorporate task-based teaching strategies, including project-based learning, creative writing, shared reading, poetry, rhymes, songs, and role-play. We possess the expertise to assist in the development of your school's curriculum or enhance your existing framework by incorporating engaging tasks and activities that align with your chosen topics and curriculum objectives.

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Our Strength

Exceptional Quality


Language Proficiency

Native English teachers possess a high level of fluency and proficiency in the language. They have a natural understanding of idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, and cultural nuances, which greatly enhances the language learning experience for students.


Cultural Awareness

Native English teachers bring their own cultural perspectives and experiences into the classroom, fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of different cultures. This exposure helps students develop intercultural competence and a global mindset.


Enhanced Language Learning Environment


Authentic Communication

Native English teachers provide students with exposure to authentic English communication. They bring real-life examples, cultural insights, and current language usage, enabling students to develop practical language skills and a deeper understanding of English as a global language.


Pronunciation and Accent

Native English teachers can serve as valuable models for correct pronunciation and intonation. They can help students refine their pronunciation skills and develop an authentic accent, which is crucial for effective communication in English.


Professional Expertise

Native English teachers contribute to creating an immersive English learning environment. They use various interactive teaching techniques, engaging activities, and authentic materials to promote language acquisition and motivate students to use English confidently.

Native English teachers often possess specialized training and qualifications in teaching English as a second language. They bring a wealth of pedagogical knowledge, instructional strategies, and classroom management techniques, ensuring effective language instruction tailored to the needs of Hong Kong students.

Language Tree's
Professional Support

We provide insights, guidance, and on going professional services to support your school achieve your goals.

Job interview

NET interviews

Selecting the most suitable NETs for your schools

Job interview

Lesson Observations

We conduct regular lesson observations to support our NETs in providing exceptional teaching quality.  

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MPF, Work Visa and other required documents

Over 25 years of extensive experience of handling all required documents for the NETs.

Business Proposal

Service maintenance

We work closely with the schools in the school year to make sure our support to the school has always been up to satisfaction. 


Teacher Training Workshops

We offer on-going training workshops for our NETs to ensure their teaching quality.

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Sick leave arrangements

We handles our NETs' leaves arrangement including but no limited to providing substitute teachers in case of NETs' absents.

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Management Support

Our professional team offer full school year support to the schools. 


Special School Events Arrangement

We would support the school in arranging school special events when needed. 

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