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Some of our most popular programme



It helps students to develop their awareness of letter / sound relationships, phonics word building and decoding skills. We use stories, songs, rhymes and games to help improve students’ pronunciation skills reading and spelling

.拼音班幫助孩子們意識到英文字母與發音的關係, 使他們學會如何用字母發音來朗讀和寫出單詞, 建立拼音字庫及英語解碼能力, 為孩子們閱讀和寫作打下全面基礎˳


Fee options: per hour or per student 


ECA classes are one of the major services we provide to our schools.  Our ECA classes are focused on providing fun, engaging and effective English learning experiences.  We provide students with the opportunity to develop their English skills in an enjoyable English environment. Students will also develop their creativity, teamwork and critical thinking skills through participating in our courses. Comprehensive supporting materials are provided, including student books, teaching materials, certificates and progress reports.


培英樹英語課外活動課程是我們最引以為傲的主要服務之一。 我們所設計的英語課外活動非常受各大幼稚園及小學歡迎。我們的課程均趣味豐富、效果斐然,並營造一個開心的全英語環境給小朋友學習英語,激發他們的創意、團隊精神及思維邏輯等潛能。此外,我們更提供有趣的工作紙、多元化的教材、嚴謹的評估報告及証書等予學生。


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